Inspired Table is a homewares collection which centres around the connection that comes from dining together. It is a brand designed to inspire you to be the host with the most – the kind who creates beautiful settings and delicious feasts. The table, after all, is the foundation of a shared experience with those we hold dear. Entertaining is our love language, and we want you to love it as much as we do. 

Inspired Table Dimi French Linen Tableware


Inspired Table was founded by Dimi Jayawardene. With restauranteur parents, Dimi’s love affair with hosting runs deep. For years, she has been passionately inspiring and educating other home cooks on her own social channel @celebratebydimi. She is also renown across her current hometown of Sydney for her delicious pop-up high tea boxes. 

Because home cooks are the best cooks, Inspired Table is about sharing more joy at home. More meals. More moments. More magic.